Where’re your roots?

I’m from multi-cultural Foleshill in the City of Three Spires, Coventry, the Ghost Town where the toilets all smelled of desperation, and the streets all echoed of aggregation, and I grew up in a time of ska.

What’s home?

Half-way up a hillside in Brimscombe, with a view of the Thrupp end of the Meadow

What’s work?

Good words and bad words. Knowing my way around an atom got me my first proper job, in publishing, and it’s been words ever since: writing, reading, reviewing, rearranging, editing, expanding…

What do you do, when you’re not doing Minch CAN?

Doctor Who. Comics. Manchester City. Birds. Maps. Board games. Music. It takes less than five minutes for anyone entering our house to conclude ‘I see you’re a Fan…’

Why did you join Minch CAN?

Because somebody had to go first and make all the mistakes and get things going so other people could make things better, and that’s what a lot of the time I do in the day-job. Because Minch CAN is important to get done.

What are your priorities?

That everyone does some small thing to make things better. Once a person does one thing, that’s them starting thinking and learning and changing, and changing is what we need to do.

What’s the CANniest thing you do?

I grow sparrows and moths. It turns out if you do that, then you grow bats and sparrowhawks, too. And berries. Our attempts to protect our berries are breeding smarter blackbirds.

What’s your climate confession?

Cats, I’ve had masses of cats, and I don’t anymore, but I miss them, but I can’t because of the cat food and small animal carnage. Also, I properly love mangos.

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