It’s taken just over a year to get there but Minch CAN is finally becoming an official thing! We have our constitution in place, a few members, some projects on the go …and BIG IDEAS for the future! So, we decided it’s about time we celebrated all that with everyone in the community!


Minch CAN has been set up to serve the whole of Minchinhampton Ward, including communities from Amberley to Brimscombe, Aston Down to Iron Mills Common and everywhere in-between. We believe one of the most important things we can do to help tackle climate change on a local level is to ensure the area that is within walking/cycling distance is well connected, both physically and in terms of resources and community support. We would love to see people from all the communities across Minchinhampton Ward, those who work or own land in the area, or anyone with an interest in supporting our local climate action goals. Please come along to our launch party!

Every Step is Worth Celebrating…

Okay, so we’ve only just begun, but every journey must start somewhere and we do think a little pat on the back is well-deserved for getting the ball rolling! We are also aware there is an awful lot to do and not much time left to do it – so we’d love you to get involved. Many hands make light work – and by being part of a network we can support one another and achieve so much more. And what’s more, it makes a difficult, sometimes overwhelming job seem fun, inspiring, and motivating! So come along and let joining our launch party be one of your steps towards a better, healthier planet.

You Are Who We Need

We’ve set this group up for you, now we need your help moving it forward. We want to know what your climate concerns and questions are, what support you need in order to reduce your carbon footprint, and what you’d like to see happening locally to make Minchinhampton parish a better place in which to enjoy a carbon-neutral and sustainable lifestyle. We also want to know if you’d like to help us make those things happen!

There’ll be drinks and nibbles laid on and plenty of time for a chat and to meet some people – come and get things off your chest, let us know what you think our priorities should be or just mosey along to see what it’s all about. We’ll have presentations and talks from a local environmental expert, Minch CAN members and parish councillors, and of course, there’ll be the opportunity to sign up and get involved yourself!

Named Role Appointments

Fancy the chance to play a key role in the group and really make a difference for our community? The roles of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer will be up for grabs and we’d love to hear from interested members of the community. All are easy but essential roles, requiring a few hours commitment each month. Appointed members would have lots of support and applications for shadow roles are also most welcome.


The Chair is needed to coordinate meetings and ensure members are working collaboratively and according to the values and constitution. Good skills would include confidence with public speaking, the ability to manage people, and organisational skills.


The role of the Secretary is to keep minutes for all meetings and share them amongst the group. Before a meeting takes place, it’s the secretary’s job to ask the group if there are any agenda items to add. A well organised person with technical skills for sending emails and using desktop publishing software such as MS Word as well as writing skills and would be great for this role.


The Treasurer manages the finances. Ensuring the books are kept up to date, making payments, receiving donations, and collecting/counting income from fundraising. The Treasurer is a new role and is not currently filled, however, it is a role that will become essential now the group is up and running. Ideally, the person to fill this role will have plenty of knowledge when it comes to using spreadsheets such as with Excel, a good grasp of maths and some prior knowledge of managing accounts would be really handy.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions about these appointments, or if you’re interested in volunteering yourself for a role.

Come and join us at the Market House in Minchinhampton on Tuesday 22nd June at 7pm to find out more about Minch CAN, what we’ve been up to over the last year and how you can get involved.

See you there!


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