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How to Save the World – With a chicken and an egg

 Author: Emma Shevah  Category: Childrens, Fiction  Publisher: Chicken House

A big question for many of us is how to share the Awesomeness of Nature? Try this book.

There’s the core story: the haltingly developing relationship between two isolated children, Ivy and Nathaniel. Ivy’s a fosterling with a disbelieved supernatural connection to animals, and her foster parents want her kept under the radar. Nathaniel’s neurodiverse, disconnected from the boarding school he’s had to attend, and the mother his recently-deceased gran wished him to reconnect with.

But it’s also an Earth Crisis book. The way the book’s crafted means Green issues get discussed in a concerned way. Preachy? No. The kids do Explain at each other a bit, but that’s what kids do.

It’s an emotional book, heart-felt and funny. It’s well-rounded real-feeling fiction.

Read it to children as young as 5 or 6, and expect them to read it for themselves from about 7 onwards.