“Between the pen and the paperwork,
There must be passion in the language.
Between the muscle and the brain work,
There must be feeling in the pipeline.”

Big Space by Suzanne Vega

There’s a lot of words on this website about us: the people we are, the history of our group, the reasons why we’re doing what we’re doing and how we’re going to do it, but it all comes down to what’s on this page. This is how we work.


We elect officers to perform specific roles for our group. At our 2021 AGM we elected: Ashley Smith (Chair), Lucy Reid (Secretary), Dmytro Bojaniwskyj (Treasurer). The next elections will be at our 2022 AGM.


The most important thing for us is our values, which we’ve written up in a values statement: Who and how we want to be. These are the things we believe to be important and true to our group and its work.

​Democracy and consensus

Fundamentally, we’re a group where people with shared values talk as equals and agree what would be good things as a group to do. How we organise ourselves is our constitution. This is how we run ourselves to put our values into action.

​Respect and kindness

The people we hope to be is our code of conduct, a statement on how, as members of Minch CAN, we aim to behave. It’s not enough for us to do the right things, we want to do them in the right way.

If you agree with our values, with how we’re trying to be, and with what we’re trying to do, why not join us?