Why us? Why you?

This is our communities coming together to meet local challenges in local ways and so contribute to overcoming world-wide problems. We're about local projects, skills and knowledge-sharing, and mutual support in tackling locally-relevant climate issues, and about building up a network of ideas, resources, local contacts and information to help you live a sustainable, carbon-neutral life.

Who we are

Minch CAN is an ever-growing group of concerned locals doing what they can to help reduce climate change. Find out more...

What we're doing

Join our projects, enjoy our playlists, expand our locally-relevant research, and check out our ideas for how to live more sustainably...

Why we do it

Life as we're living it doesn't work, and unless we change is a dead-end for us all. Find out all about why we're here and why we need you...

Can you help?

We’re looking to tackle the climate crisis on a local level. If you live, work or learn in Amberley, Box, Brimscombe, Minchinhampton – any of the communities around our Commons – and are concerned about our future we’d love to hear from you!

There’s so much we can all do to address climate change right here where we live. It’s our challenge as much as it’s anyone else’s, and if we work together, we’re far more likely to succeed. Find out about our current projects, or browse our ideas for changes that you could begin today. Get in touch to find out more.

Read & Do

Got a bit more time to spare? Books to read, things to do, personal projects you might like.
Climate change and how we’ll fix it

Climate change and how we’ll fix it

Alice Harman

It’s a book about climate change and how we will fix it with loads of ideas for everyone and what they can do for their area.

The Overstory

The Overstory

Richard Powers

This is a novel that will fundamentally alter the way you look at trees – a few weeks after reading it, I found myself moved to tears in Box Woods.

The Meat Free Monday Cookbook

The Meat Free Monday Cookbook

Annie Rigg, Tara Fisher, Meat Free Monday

Delicious, unfussy, seasonal recipes covering all three meals of the day. There are plenty of great options for families but also ideas I’ve used for guests.

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