“You’ve lost yourself in others’ expectations of you.
Now you prefer this caricature before being true.
But you’re better than that, you’re so much better than that.
I know you better than that.”

Heaven Knows by First Aid Kit

Yes we’re a ‘climate group’, we’re your Climate Action Network, the climate, pollution and habitat crises are why we got together, but we’re also a local community group with local concerns, and above all we care about fairness.

We’re about fair lives, better lives, good lives for our grandchildren, our children, and us in a world that’s here for the long term, that isn’t being used up and thrown away like it’s a cheap plastic bottle.

We think we have a duty and a responsibility and an urgent need to safeguard our planet, so yes we are a climate group, but that’s not all that we are, we’re a group for change, because we all need a new way of thinking, doing and living. Everyone needs to play their part in creating:

  • A circular local economy, where more’s achieved with less, where what’s used here starts here, and is passed on within our community when we no longer need it ourselves.
  • Clean, skilled local jobs that will last.
  • High-quality food-growing in the fields around us, and filling local shops, markets and door-steps.
  • Honesty and transparency from businesses so people can make responsible choices.
  • Learning opportunities fit for a more sustainable future.
  • A liveable climate that doesn’t give us extreme weather.
  • Resilient communities that can cope with catastrophes like pandemics and flooding.
  • A richer world to live in – our built spaces friendlier, our night skies starrier, our green spaces greener, our natural landscapes fuller of life.
  • Thriving, exciting, well-resourced and supportive communities where everyone can belong and feel proud to be a part of.

Climate change harms lives and livelihoods, it harms our communities, and it harms those who are the least able to protect themselves from it the very most of all, which has to be the bleakest definition of unfair.

If climate change goes unchecked, it will cost us the world. We all need to act. Our communities and society all need to be a ‘climate group’ now.