This is what we have planned.

On the day anything can happen to force changes on us, all of the people on the trail are volunteering their time and their spaces, so please be considerate and understanding if things don’t work out. We’ll notify late changes to our social media if we can, so please keep an eye on that.

But even if everything’s cancelled, or if you’re doing the trail after trail day, it’s still an interesting 6 km walk with things to see pinned on the virtual trail, with lots of opportunities to have a drink and a cake, and hopefully other trailers to chat with.

Addresses are given using the What3Words mapping app. There’s more info on each stop on their virtual trail pins.

Brimscombe Mill

W3W address socket.saga.masterpiece

Directions Brimscombe Mill is on the main route.

The old Mill buildings are a hub for the Grace Network hosting a variety of ethical social enterprises good for sustainability, including The Bike Drop, The Long Table, Kids Stuff, and the Furniture Bank.

Charlea Community Gardens


W3W address hunt.king.speeded

Directions It’s easiest and safest to go along Churchill Road and then onto the footpath into the London Road spur. Charlea Gardens is through the gates at the end.

Dogs Keep under control and tidy up after them. Animals on site.

Locally-run rewilded open space for local people to enjoy nature and learn how to care for it and animals. Heritage fruit trees. Bees. Pig and chicken clubs (seasonal).

Knapp Farm

W3W address jumbled.rags.nightfall

Directions Knapp Farm is about halfway along the steepest section of the main route, and it is very steep.

Dogs Welcome, but keep under control for the sake of the animals.

Follow Knapp Farm on Twitter.

Knapp Farm is involved in habitat restoration, biodiversity, green living and sustainable business.

The Glorious Cotswolds Grasslands team and GWT’s Golden Valley project are helping create wildlife sanctuaries. There’s a recently reinstated traditional orchard, and a sustainable glamping business. Try the facilities, including the bird-hide eco-loo. Bird-food workshops, biodiversity information, bike generator, quiz, refreshments.

Tree walks with John Parker

Directions Tree walks start at Knapp Farm.

Get ready to meet your new best tree! Urban tree champion and all-round tree boffin John Parker from Stonehouse Arboretum and the Arboricultural Association will be leading walks from Knapp Farm to discover local trees and talk about the great job they’re doing not only for habitat, but for us and our communities.

Holy Trinity Church, Minchinhampton

W3W address workloads.horizons.cabbages

Directions Holy Trinity is on the main route.

Holy Trinity is an aspiring EcoChurch and will be showing off how it plans to increase biodiversity on its grounds. It’ll serve Fairtrade refreshments and explain how Fairtrade helps tackle the climate crisis and works for climate justice. You’ll also be able to get your carbon footprint done, and learn how to reduce it!

Minchinhampton Academy

W3W address mammal.from.laminate

Directions Minchinhampton Academy is on the main route.

Come and see the community solar energy install made possible by public subscription from the people of Minchinhampton – including us!

Pedal-powered apple-pressing

Apples on the tree

Directions Phil will be at Minchinhampton Academy, pedalling fruit into juice!

Back again this year, Phil (and you can have a go too) will be using his home-made apple press, built from an old bike, bits of scrap and sheer cunning, to turn apples, pears, quince and any other seasonal fruit into juice.

Bring fruit. Bring containers. Bring the muscle and take home juice and cooking/composting friendly fruit squeezings!

Knife-sharpening demos

Directions Tom will be at Minchinhampton Academy.

Feeling a bit blunt? Can’t quite cut it? Ingenious Tom who you may have met at Nailsworth Repair Cafe will be demonstrating how to sharpen knives and scissors. Blades last centuries. Learn how to get yours their edge back!

We’re your CAN

Directions We’ll be at Minchinhampton Academy.

We’ll have our own space in which to talk about sustainability with you. We’ll be doing: Dotarium – posters posing questions; Petition point – gathering signatures for surveys, petitions and open letters; Shirtathon – MinchCAN logo wood-block upcycling T-shirt printing.

You tell us what you consider important to the future of our communities!

Stroud Bike Jumble

Directions The Bike Jumble will join us at its regular venue, Minchinhampton Academy.

The Bike Jumble is the place to come for used and vintage bits of bike! Find that missing part that’ll keep your best ride on the road – or pick and mix towards your own bespoke creation.

Minchinhampton Community Library

W3W address breezy.smaller.cupboards

Directions Minchinhampton Library is on the main route.

The library will extend its normal Saturday opening hours and be open all day for the trail.

Collage Earth

How we saved the world

W3W address kitten.manifests.hawks

Directions Silver Trees, Besbury Lane, off the Besbury cut-through.

An outdoor undercover event, it may need to relocate to Minchinhampton Academy if bad weather is anticipated.

A sustainable art workshop in Besbury run by local artist Gemma Pitman imagining how we could be living sustainably by 2030, using food packaging, old magazines, wrappers and so on to collage or doodle ideas.

Burleigh wildlife garden

W3W address

Directions Knoll House is best approached along Rodborough Quiet Lane from the Brimscombe Hill end, near the Stonemasons bus stops.

Dogs No dogs, please.

A hillside garden managed for wildlife that you might have seen on the Wild Stroud tour – see it now in Autumn! No pesticides or herbicides. Year-round food for people and wildlife. Newts.


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