This is placeholder text.

Placeholder text is what you write when there’s a gap that needs filling, and you haven’t exactly what you need to fill it with.

In a way we’re placeholder text: we’re filling the gap right here where we live that should be filled by our institutions, organisations, businesses – and let’s be honest, by you and everyone around you.

Until everyone and everything is involved in rescuing our common future, then we are what we’ve got.

Join us – it’ll move our communities closer to where we need to be.

And that is a call to action.

Rudimentary information

This page is where we keep our leaflets and what-not. We call them rudimentary info items – the best we can do with who and what we’ve got.

Please help us make them better.

(Calvin and Hobbes images created by Bill Watterson in 1988. Love Calvin and Hobbes.)







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