“Oh sit down, sit down next to me”

Sit Down by James

We’d love it if you joined us in Minch CAN, the more that people join us, the better we’ll become at making positive changes in our communities and Commons, which is the entire point of all this.

So please join Minch CAN if…

  • You’re local. If you live, work, learn in or otherwise have a strong connection with our communities on the Commons – from Amberley to Aston Down, from Brimscombe to Box, and all around Minchinhampton. You’re who we want to be talking with.
  • You’re 16 or over. Though if you’re between 13 and 15, you can join if an appropriate parent or guardian gives their permission. Get them to email us to start that conversation.
  • You share our values. We’re a values-first organisation, we’re evidence-led, optimistic, proactive, inclusive, and believe in hearing from everyone before we make up our mind. We believe that there are important things that need striving for.

There’s nothing more important than the continued existence of our planet as it faces crises in our climate, our habitats, the food we eat, the air we breathe, the homes we live in. As vital as life is a life worth living. There’s a crisis in our communities too, where we drift ever further from the people we live closest to, losing our sense of our place and neglecting building mutual goodwill with our neighbours. We’re dedicated to turning these crises around locally.

We’re friendly and positive. There’s a lot of disagreement and anger and personal interests in climate conversations, and all that does is get in the way of making progress. We like a good debate, but we also prize respect for and kindness towards not just each other, but to everyone. We share a planet. It seems to us too few people remember that.

We’re open, orderly and democratic. We have to have rules over things like membership, meetings and money, but we try to keep them to a minimum. It’s so everything’s organised well, and that the people who meet and work with us know that we’re serious about what we do. It’s all in our constitution.

If this sounds like your sort of thing, please join us by answering the following questions and clicking ‘Submit’. A ‘*‘ shows when we need your answer.