We wanted to connect people living locally with the experiences, wisdom, knowledge and ideas of their neighbours. We wanted people here to know more about where they live. We wanted to start people thinking. We wanted to give people a fun day out.

In more detail, for anyone who might want to build a trail of their own somewhere else, our aims are:

  • Walking (or biking) and talking; wellbeing, action, ideas and learning.
  • Start, strengthen, enrich and extend local conversations around sustainability and resilience.
  • Connect local people with their local landscapes, communities, and sustainability heroes by asking them to walk or bike around a set trail on the same day.
  • Reach people who do not normally connect with sustainability issues.
  • Be inclusive, especially of those who don’t easily connect with sustainability.
  • Be super-local because localism is a lot of the point in sustainability. Involve communities within easy walking and biking distance of all parts of the trail.
  • Showcase practical sustainability-positive activity from individuals, families, neighbour groups, neighbourhoods, organisations, businesses &c. along and near the trail route.
  • Involve and highlight smaller communities that do not often participate in festival-type events.
  • Begin conversations and relationships that will result in continuing benefits for these communities, which otherwise may not have happened at all.
  • Connect sustainability projects in our communities.


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