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#minchCANtrail As part of Great Big Green Week we’re having a Walking+Talking Sustainability Discovery Trail around Besbury.

On Saturday 24 September, from 10 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon, local sustainability heroes will be lining up to show off the brilliant things they do to help make our Commons communities more sustainable.

You’ll be able to walk or bike (no motor vehicles!) a super-local Open Gardens/Studios type of Trail:

  • The entire Trail is comfortably walkable with families in a half-day – about 6½ km (4 miles), 80 to 100 minutes unhurried walking.
  • It features three main station stops with lots going on, where you can rest, refresh and hopefully have a good chat with other people doing the Trail – this is a talking trail!
  • You’ll have a route and a map to follow, but are free to explore and see as much or as little of the Trail as you like.
  • We’ll put the Trail on our website afterwards so you can do the route whenever you like.

Station stops

As well as resting and refreshing at the station stops, there’ll be stalls & information, activities, and you can chat with other Trail-followers. The stations will be at:

Other stops

We’ll have lots of other Trail stops, including:

  • A hillside garden in Burleigh managed for wildlife that you might have seen on the Wild Stroud tour.
  • Charlea Community Garden – a food-growing community wild space in Toadsmoor.
  • How we saved the future – an art project in Besbury led by Gemma Pitman.

We’re your CAN

We’ll have our own space in which to talk about sustainability with you. We’ll be doing:

  • Dotarium – Posters posing questions.
  • Petition point – Gathering signatures for petitions and open letters.
  • Shirtathon – MinchCAN logo wood-block upcycling T-shirt printing.
  • Vote for your lives – Voting registration drive.
  • You tell us – Finding out what locals consider important to the future of our communities.

We’ll also have Made by Cows – a display of the history of grazing cattle on the commons focusing on the Woefuldane herd.

Trail on your smartphone

Thanks to Nature’s Racers, there’ll be an online version of the Trail that’s a guidebook, visitor book, and collaborative scrapbook. Selected locations on the Trail will prompt information to smartphones about themselves, particularly how they add to the sustainability of our communities.

Join the Trail

We’re still adding stops to our Trail, so please let us know if you want to take part. We’re interested in individuals, families, neighbourhood, community groups, businesses – everyone! If you’re doing something sustainable and want to show it off, let us know!

More information

We’ll start publishing what’s on the Trail in August with lots of maps and route info. Sign up to our newsletter or keep an eye on this page to stay in touch.


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