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#minchCANtrail Fancy a good walk or a bike ride (no motor vehicles!), with lots of opportunities for tea and cake – and some interesting practical sustainability to see and chat about?

As part of Great Big Green Week we’re having a Walking+Talking Sustainability Discovery Trail.

No tickets, it’s free, on Saturday 24 September, from 10 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon, local sustainability heroes will be lining up to show off the brilliant things they do to help make our Commons communities more sustainable.

Centred on Besbury, our 6½ km (4 miles) or so trail route goes in a triangle joining up Brimscombe, Knapp, Minchinhampton and Burleigh.

It’s comfortably walkable with families in a half-day – 80 to 100 minutes’ unhurried walking, though there are some steep bits (more on that).

There’s three main stops with lots going on, where you can rest, refresh and hopefully have a good chat with other people doing – this is a talking trail, we’re hoping you’ll meet lots of people and share lots of ideas!

There’s a map to follow, but you’re free to explore and see as much or as little of the trail as you like – if there’s only one thing on it you want to visit, that’s ok.

And because we’re (vegan) cheesy, here’s a Spotify playlist for you to listen to as you trail.

After the 24th

You can follow the trail whenever you like, the maps will still be here and so will our virtual trail with all the information it contains, though the on-day events like the tree walks and fairtrade stalls won’t be.

In fact, we’d love you to add to the trail – let us know if you see more things that ought to be on it, send us images and audio that you think other people should see and hear. Information! We love information, links and videos to share.

Make our trail your trail.


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