“Hoodlum, that what you called me
Rebellious, you can’t ignore me
But never mind ’cause I know that I’m sweeter
Your time is up so put more money in your meter.”

Doin’ the Do by Betty Boo

#aThousandActions is a call-to-arms to get our communities moving.

We know that one of our most important jobs is to spread the word and get as many people involved as possible. By working together and supporting each other we can achieve so much more.

Our aim is that by the end of the year, we will have inspired at least 20% of the Minchinhampton Parish community to have taken some sort of climate action.

What’s your climate action?

It could be something as small as switching energy supplier, wasting less food, or taking part in a tree-planting event.

Or it could be committing to co-ordinating a new Minch CAN project, offering your skills, or running a workshop on a climate change issue you have expertise in.

You might feel inspired to audit the efficiency of your home and make energy-saving changes, or you might choose a more environmentally friendly way to commute to work.

Perhaps you feel like you just haven’t got the time or the money to make climate-conscious changes to your life. But many of the things you could do might even save you time or money. It could be as simple as making sure you put a full load on whenever you wash your clothes, or reducing the meat in your diet, or turning the heating down a notch or two. Take a look at our Choose your action page for more ideas.

Whatever you do, we’d love you to tell us about it! By sharing your actions with us, we can build a bigger picture of what’s happening here around Minchinhampton, and better still, you could inspire others to take action themselves.

Get involved

Minch CAN held its first forum in March 2020, just 5 days before the UK’s first Covid-19 lockdown. Despite this, it was a great success, with lots of discussion, some brilliant ideas and a Market House packed with concerned community members. There were some brilliant suggestions for what actions the community and individuals within the community could take, like:

  • A loose food market in Minchinhampton
  • A composting scheme
  • Improving cycling routes and public transport, running a car share scheme or community bus
  • A mending cafe
  • A library of things
  • Opportunities to learn from experts or as part of community groups
  • Exploring how we can harness the abundant wind power available and looking at how we can make our homes more energy efficient

…and the idea that came up time and time again – to plant trees. This is why we have taken on the job of planting trees as one of our first projects. Find out more, and how you can get involved here.

If you feel inspired by any of the ideas listed or have an idea of your own, we’d love to hear from you. Write us an email or post your comments below.

Your unique skillset

We need members and supporters from all sectors of Minchinhampton Parish community. Consider your profession, your hobbies, your life experiences, and your local knowledge, relationships and neighbourhood.

We need gardeners, lawyers, teachers, chefs, builders, retailers, healthcare professionals, computer programmers, farmers, cleaners, marketers, artists, crafters, photographers, scientists, engineers, writers, researchers, analysts, campaigners, children, parents, grandparents, community group members, people of faith, people of colour, representatives of every minority group, feminists, people of every income level, people with disabilities, people with physical or mental health conditions, big thinkers, hard grafters, willing participants, consumers and everything in-between.

What climate impacts are there in your sector of work? What communities can you influence? How might climate change affect your industry/lifestyle?

Minch CAN has been set-up to support and speak for every member of its community. Be part of the dialogue. Let your opinions, ideas and needs be heard. Write us an email or post your comments below.

Be part of the Action

Take part in our #aThousandActions campaign and start making a difference today! Here’s how:

  • Show your support and stay up to date with what we’re up to by following us on instagram, twitter or facebook.
  • Try one of our climate-conscious suggestions today
  • Comment on this post or on social media to tell us what changes you’re making
  • Sign up to help with our tree planting project
  • Tell us about an idea or skill you have to offer
  • Write in and contribute to our website – share your climate action knowledge, achievements, photos, poems, stories, events, opinions, book reviews, film reviews, recipes, art – all submissions welcomed and considered for publication. Get the whole family involved and get the conversation flowing!