Where’re your roots?

I grew up in suburban Bristol which was considerably lacking in nature but I was lucky enough to have access to a local woodland leading down to the beautiful banks of the River Avon. My family also went on many holidays around the UK, meaning I got to experience the breadth of our amazing landscapes, including Cornwall, Lake District, Peak District, and Scotland! All of this helped me connect with nature and made me passionate about helping the local environment for as long as I can remember!  

What’s home?

In January 2022, my husband and I moved to Minchinhampton, living just off of the high street! 

What’s work?

I am a fundraising manager working for environmental charities, previously for Avon Wildlife Trust and most recently moving to Whale and Dolphin Conservation. 

What do you do, when you’re not doing Minch CAN?

I like to spend my free time going for long country walks, gardening to improve the space around me for wildlife and cooking/eating great vegetarian food. 

Why did you join Minch CAN?

I’m doing as much as I can in my personal life to reduce my impact on the planet and improve the wild spaces I have control of. But I want to do more and have a bigger impact, as well as meet people with similar interests and motivations to me. 

What are your priorities?

Improving the spaces around us for wildlife also benefits local people’s connection to nature as well as their wellbeing. Most importantly, using these spaces to start conversations to increase people’s understanding to help drive collective action.

What’s the CANniest thing you can do?

I’ve been a vegetarian for 15 years and try to make plant-based choices as much as possible and buy organic, local produce. I buy as much as possible second hand and really think hard about any new purchases. I use a green energy provider, bank ethically with Triodos, support businesses with good ethical policies and choose my place of work based on their environmental impact. 

What’s your climate confession?

I love cheese so would never be able to be fully vegan. I watch far too much TV and we use too many electrical devices at home!  

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