Where’re your roots?

I grew up in Bath, left home for university in Southampton where I studied Geography and met my husband Dominic. We bought a 100 year old Dutch barge, sailed it back from The Netherlands and spent six happy years living aboard on The River Hamble.

What’s home?

A change of jobs prompted a move to The Cotswolds and after a year of renting in Minchinhampton I couldn’t contemplate living anywhere else! We were lucky enough to find a house here and have now lived here for seven years with our two children settled in at the local school.

What’s work?

GIS – Geographical Information Systems (working with digital maps). I spent 10 years working for Ordnance Survey and 7 years at Bristol City Council. I love the variety of my work. I can be part of projects working on anything from social work and community art projects to electric vehicle charging and public toilets!

What do you do, when you’re not doing Minch CAN?

I spend time with my family. We’re outside a lot walking, cycling and gardening, we do lots of DIY.

Why did you join Minch CAN?

I need to do more for the environment and want to learn how. I feel there are some things that require a community effort or solution. I worried that I wasn’t green enough to join a CAN but I hope we can help ordinary families like mine make positive changes. 

What are your priorities?

Reduce waste, reduce emissions, enable a faster uptake of green technologies. 

What’s the CANniest thing you do?

Reusing things, clothes, fabrics, toys, building materials. We just got an electric car. I love it.

What’s your climate confession?

Eek! We love to travel. We currently have 2 cars.

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